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Welcome to Budget Cactus, where making, and sticking to a budget isn't painful.
We provide you with free online budgeting tools and tips to help you keep track of your spending habits and will allow you to setup a monthly budget that fits your needs. If you think to yourself "where did all my money go?", or "I just got paid I can't believe all my money is gone!" at the end of a month, or week, you need to start keeping track of your income. Using my application you'll be able to do just that. I also made a way you can track you debts and show you how well you are doing in bringing your debts down.
How much does this cost you? Nothing! It is an absolutely free online budgeting tool for you to use. Why are we offering our amazing tool for free? Because we want to change lives, get you out of the debt you are in and see you live debt free.
What you get with Budget Cactus:

Item History Every Company has a yearly history so you can view the progress you're making.

Budget Steps You need to have goals, and steps along the way. Let us give you a proven step by step formula to get you out of debt, and save money at the same time.

iPhone Ready This site was built specifically for the iPhone! Like anyone with an iPhone it's usually with you everywhere you go. If you have your iPhone and you buy something, make sure to login and track how much you spent to make sure you're on track for your monthly budget.

Upcoming Bills You have the ability to see Monthly bills due within 14 days of the current date. This will keep you focused on the amount of money that has to go out.

Coming Soon:
Simple Search One search to find any and every entry.
Bank Transaction Uploads Upload your transactions directly from your banking website. There are a few sites/companies out there that will ask you for your username/password for your banking sites, I don't believe that information should be given to anyone but you. If at the end of the month or at any point in the month you want to upload a transaction history file and put those into categories (it will auto-learn what goes where for future entries) that's just fine for us. This site was made to be used on the iPhone and you should be keeping track of your spending as soon as you can. This will just be another option. Again Free - no payments required.
Normal Site Since this site was built for an iPhone it doesn't look great in a full screen computer browser ;-) so that will be coming as well.


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Since I've been using Budget Cactus I've noticed we've had money we didn't know we had! My wife and I made a Personal category, and under that we put our names and every paycheck we get a little spending money which has helped us stop over spending.

Thank you Budget Cactus!
John Sipes
Using Budget Cactus has allowed me to plan out my budget and showed me how I could easily and quickly pay off my credit cards. I only have 1 card out of 7 left to pay off and I plan on doing that in the next couple of months! Thanks again.

David Sanchez
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